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Sorgenfri torsdag 11. august 2022

Jenny Hviding is currently working within the landscape of nostalgia, nature and memory in her photographic practice.

When everything is filled with something pressured and loud, where do you go? How do you perceive your surroundings while having the feeling of being under water...

ARR presents a visual outtake from a triggered mind, that's living in between the duality of vulnerability, the subdued and hard edges, the highs and lows. ARR contemplates and experiments on calming the mind through the lens.

Jenny Hviding Visuals is an Oslo-based multidisciplinary artist, working with painting, photography, fabric, video and sound.
Exploring nature, memory, nostalgia, identity and belonging; through installations and other sensory based experiences for the viewer.

After traveling and living abroad for ten years, mainly working within the topics of sociopolitical projects, she came back to Oslo to study; OFKS, an analog photo Art School (2015-2017). Graduating her BA from the Academy, at The National Academy of the Arts, Oslo, Norway. (2017-2020)

Her works have been shown at Kösk Gallery, Tenthaus, I spy; Berlin, The Oslo City Hall, Esperanto, Brutus, Cyan, Museum of Cultural History, The Holy Art Gallery- UK, London; Imago Mundi- The Fondazione Giorgio Cini Venice, Italy; Safnahúsið- The Culture House, Reykjavik, Iceland to mention some.
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Sted: Sorgenfri
Adresse: Sorgenfrigaten 16
Dato: Torsdag 11. august 2022
Tid fra: 16:00
Tid til: 23:00
Kategori: Utstilling
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