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Paulus Menighetskirke søndag 5. desember 2021

StellaPolare Teater presents Acting Workshop by Rosa Molina

This workshop is conceived as an approach for adult people to the art of performing. What can you expect:

A 2-hour weekly workshop from September to December

Open sessions (you can just drop in or be part of the workshop the whole semester)

No prerequisites to participate

Exercises will be adapted to your performance level

A safe and inclusive space where you can grow as an actor

No more than 10 participants

Different types of exercises that will help you improve your acting skills

Simple stand-alone exercises that build up onto a bigger result

Listening, looking, feeling and speaking exercises

Playing with your body and your voice

Classes are in English/Norwegian, but you can act in any language you feel comfortable with

The workshop will start on the 19th of September 2021 until the 5th of December 2021.
From 10,30 to 12,30.

Single lesson: 250,00Nok
Vipps 511626

Les mer her - Ekstern lenke

Rosa Molina lives between Barcelona and Oslo and tries to create bridges between cultures and promote mutual knowledge.
She has been training in performing, playwriting and direction. She has a degree in Journalism and a master in Theatre and Education.

She has written and directed ?Gustafsson R60?, ?La contemplació de la bellesa (i skjønnhet)? and ?Gràcia? among others.
She has worked in more than 20 plays and some short films.

She is the founder of the Pomodoro company.

Since 2016 she is an active member of a creation lab in Sala Beckett of Barcelona. In Oslo she is engaged with the collective Impro Neuf. Her work has already been presented on the art projects "Winter Solstice" and "Variations of Beckett", and on "Arttalks. Interview and performance »by Nordic Black Theatre.

Her first play in Norwegian ?Manglende biter? has been awarded a scholarship by the Dramatikkenshus in Oslo. It will be premiered in 2022.

Acting workshop by Rosa Molina
Sted: Paulus Menighetskirke
Adresse: Thorvald Meyers Gate 46 0552 Oslo
Dato: Søndag 5. desember 2021
Tid fra: 10:30
Tid til: 12:30
Kategori: Scene
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