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7. juni-plassen , The King Haakon statue søndag 8. august 2021

Take a journey back in the time to the 1940´s, where the Nazi-German forces had occupied Oslo. On this guided walking tour we will pass along main streets of Oslo, but we will look at them from a broader vision. The war left many traces in the city, but it's not so easy to notice them. I'll guide you to the places where the executions took place, which building unsuccessfully tried to destroy the English bombers and the place of the most insolent assassination attempt, the purpose of the iconic city buildings, how the Norwegians resisted, special mission of French women in Oslo and even about hidden treasure.

Duration ~2 hrs, Price per person 200 NOK. Group ~15 pp.
Please RVSP via sms to 47251970 or email to
For your convenience wireless headsets will be used during the tour.
Tour organized by Oslo Photo tour - Traveler Choice 2020, TripAdvisor.

Oslo during occupation 1941-45
Sted: 7. juni-plassen , The King Haakon statue
Adresse: 7. juni-plassen
Dato: Søndag 8. august 2021
Tid fra: 13:00
Tid til: 15:00
Kategori: Omvisning
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