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Storgata 53 F mandag 2. november 2020

The show presents parts of a research about national mottos as a specific category that started in 2013. In 2016 the artist sent a letter to each head of state of the member countries of the United Nations seeking information regarding the presence or absence of a national motto as well as interrogating its “social life”, origins and visibility today.

With these questions the artist attempts to discuss the sense - nonsense of having a national motto today.
Hjelvik Andersen aims to point out the, in some cases, outdated and uncanny content of the mottos seen in the context of current social, environmental and political climate. Aware of the impossibility of the task and its unpredictable outcome Hjelvik Andersen has recived very different responses from 42 nations so far.

These letters and responses will be on display together with a whole new series of bi- og tridimensional works with shredded and reassembled world maps. All made with the material from an earlier installation - Panorama (2014) where hundreds of maps have been collected and torn up with a paper shredder and by hand to create confetti like pieces of maps.

This is a four-week show, all produced, curated, transported, installed and presented to you by the artist herself who will be present every day during the opening hours of Storgata 53 F

This show is about national mottos but also about so much more.

An edition of prints from the map series will be for sale at the gallery or by order.


Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen (Porsgrunn, Norway, 1984) finished her Masters Program in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies (Milan, Italy) in February 2016 – where she also earned her BFA (2013). Prior to, and after her studies she lived and worked in Spain for approximately 8 years in total.

Her life and practice is highly performative - playful and serious, delicate and unrefined, dreamlike and realistic. At the moment she is in Norway.

01.11. - 28.11.2020
Tue - Friday 12:00 - 18:00
Sat - Sunday 12:00 - 16:00

Dear Mr. President - Oslo 2020
Sted: Storgata 53 F
Adresse: Storgata 53 F
Dato: Mandag 2. november 2020
Kategori: Utstilling
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Longitude: 10.757234 - Latitude: 59.917019

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