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Sentralen fredag 14. februar 2020

For actors, writers and directors - and anyone who is passionate about theatre. Participants will experience Walking-In-Your-Shoes® (WIYS) empathic embodiment technique combined with actor/director Joseph Culp’s application for creative development in the theatre. Mr. Culp developed this method for over 30 years in the US. and in his Los Angeles-based theatre company

WHEN: 14-15 March, 2020 10:00 - 18:00 (with lunch break)

WHERE: Sentralen, Oslo

WORKSHOP FEE: 2-day Workshop 2750 NOK/person
Student discount: 20 % student discount only applies to students under 30 years of age with a valid student ID card with photo and semester card. Please send this to

All youth under age 20 receive 20% off workshop fees.

Acting - Character Embodiment, physical/emotional connection, psychological gesture, layering the role, using archetypes, cultivating presence, concentration, eliminating performance anxiety.

Writing – Finding your voice, voice of characters, archetypes, connection to story, structure, accessing inspiration, removing writer’s block, spontaneous response writing, working with actors.

Directing – Finding your vision, deepening understanding of story/characters, working with actors, production design, empowering yourself and serving the project.

The 2-day program will encompass the following activities:

1. Walking-In-Your-Shoes® (WIYS) for the Theatre Artist:
What is WIYS? The method: Accessing body/mind for empathic knowing and embodied experience. A somatic and holistic approach to creative expression.

2. Walking for the theatre artist: Applications
• Personal – Walking to access personal material for a role or project
• Role – Walk to understand/manifest character
• Story – Walk to connect to story or idea
• Project – Walk for empowerment or to release obstacles

3. Walking Archetypes:
Archetypes, psychological position and transpersonal and physical embodiment – King/Queen,Lover, Warrior, Magician, Destroyer, Hero, Mother/Father/Child and more.

4. Developing the play/scenario - Use the Walking method to develop new material. Particpants will work in teams to create an original performance.

5. Spontaneous Writing from a Walk - Learning to use the Walking method for inspiration

6. Performance/Improvisation from the Walk - New work will be presented at the end of the workshop day 2.

The “Walking” method is a powerful tool for theatre and performing artists. I think you will enjoy learning how to “Walk in the Shoes” (empathically embody) of a person, role, idea, archetype, story, or any part of yourself, and create a new theatrical performance.

Walking Theatre Workshop with actor and director Joseph Culp
Sted: Sentralen
Adresse: Øvre Slottsgate 3, Oslo
Dato: Fredag 14. februar 2020
Tid fra: 10:00
Tid til: 18:00
Kategori: Forskjellig
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