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Aktivitetshuset K1 lørdag 12. oktober 2019

Welcome to "Biodanza and Self-Esteem", a workshop to deepen and strengthen our identity.

Many people struggle with low self-esteem, feeling they are not good enough, losing touch with who they really are, and being too exposed to other people’s opinions.

Too high self-esteem, on the other hand, can also create much rigidity and difficulty.

As a matter of fact, both aspects need to be transformed and balanced.

The vivencia of one’s own value and self acceptance is complex.
It comes from the intense sensation of being alive.

In this workshop, we will invite you to explore dances and movements which will support and empower you, intensifying the courage of being yourself.
Dance makes us stronger as it frees our authenticity, reinforces our identity, gives us a sense of totality.

Self-esteem is love for ourselves. It is to be satisfied with who we are and embrace it.

Welcome to an opportunity to receive nutrition to take the steps in life that are important to you, an encounter with yourself and your own potentials.

Practical information:

Saturday - October, 12th, h.12.00 - 16.00

Aktivitetshuset K1
Kolstadgata 1

Nok 550,-

The amount can be paid in cash or by Vipps # 577920

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes and a bottle of water.
There will be a short break between the two vivenvias. Please bring some light food that you can enjoy in the break. We`ll provide some friut and nuts.

You are warmly welcome!

The workshop will be leaded by
Gabriela Klafstad og Grazia Lombardi

If you need more information, please ring Gabriela ( 957 47 669 ) or Grazia ( 938 46 546 ) or send an mail to:

To know more about Biodanza, please visit: and

Identity og Self-Esteem - A Biodanza Workshop
Sted: Aktivitetshuset K1
Adresse: Kolstadgata 1 (rett ved Tøyen skole/Tøyen t-bane)
Dato: Lørdag 12. oktober 2019
Tid fra: 12:00
Tid til: 16:00
Kategori: Forskjellig
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