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Startup Campus tirsdag 29. oktober 2019

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NB: This event has a presentation and a LIVE DEMO with an idea from the audience!

Want to find out what UX is really about (no buzzwords!) and how Fortune 500 companies use it as their competitive advantage?

Wonder how even the most visually attractive apps fail sometimes?

Curious to see a well-structured design process and how it can be applied into practice?

Do you know that around 70% of users ditch an app within the first 90 days after opening it up only once? Yeah, once. Your project idea is just the beginning of a long, yet quite wonderful journey of making your final product successful.

User Experience Design is more of a science than an art. Creativity plays a crucial role in it, but with the right tools and methods you can strategically improve your #market-fit and address the real needs of your future users (and not the ones you think they have). Reduced business risk, saved budget, satisfied clients - sounds great, doesn’t it?

Startup Grind Oslo has the pleasure of hosting 2 amazing experts from EL Passion on this topic to show you how to do it!

Michal Mazur is a senior UX Designer at EL Passion, where since 2017 he has been working on developing design processes and leading UX in projects for clients from a variety of industries. Before EL Passion, Michal spent 3 years in London practising the craft of UX design in Pomegranate Media and Kurt Geiger. His favourite elements of UX are user research and workshops. Outside of the day-to-day, he is also a keen speaker, trainer and author of 4 online courses.

Piotr Kmita, a designer with more than 10 years of experience in a wide scope of industries: from fitness, through healthtech up to real-estate. A strong believer that product design is more of a science than art and that function should always outbalance beautiful appearance. For the last two years, as a Head of Design at EL Passion, he supports and mentors the efforts of 13 amazing designers on a mission to restore harmony between the two worlds: the world of users’ needs and one of our clients’ business requirements.

Piotr and Michal are coming to Oslo to show how, as a founder, product owner or anyone thinking about running your own business, you can benefit from a conscious design process. They will use real-life examples based on the projects they realized with their international and Norwegian partners. In the first part of the event, they will give you a sneak peek into how they approach building digital products at EL Passion after 9+ years market experience. And in the second part, they will guide you through the actual (just speeded up a bit) design process of a project idea elicited from the audience.

Join us at Startup Campus, for an evening full of UX/UI knowledge and inspiration. And who knows, your idea might be picked for the live...

From a Conscious Design Process to a Meaningful Product
Sted: Startup Campus
Adresse: Christian Krohgs Gate 1
Dato: Tirsdag 29. oktober 2019
Tid fra: 17:30
Tid til: 21:00
Kategori: Forskjellig
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