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Studio64 fredag 4. oktober 2019

Hello and welcome to dance Biodanza with Gabriela og Grazia!

* Dance to express, dance to feel, dance to connect *

Welcome to a space for integration, connection and belonging.

Biodanza - literally "The Dance of Life" - is a system of self-development that uses music, movement, singing and group encounters to promote well-being and to stimulate the joy of living.

An invitation to awaken our sense of vitality, our creativity, our ability to connect with ourselves and the others, to share and celebrate who we are!

Biodanza is for everyone!
No dance experience is required and there are no steps to be learnt.

Biodanza was created in the 1960s by the Chilean anthropologist and psychologist Rolando Toro and is now found in 54 countries all over the world.

To know more about Biodanza, please visit: and

Practical information:

Friday - October, 4th, 6.30 - 8.30 pm

Studio 64, Kirkeveien 64 (Majorstuhuset), Oslo
(Entrance right by the underground track - trains towards East end.
Please, follow the signs: Biodanza)

Nok 250,-

The amount can be paid in cash or by Vipps.

Everyone is warmly welcome!

If you need more information, please ring Gabriela ( 957 47 669 ) or Grazia ( 938 46 546 ) or send an mail to:

Biodanza Open Class!
Sted: Studio64
Adresse: Kirkeveien 64 (Majorstuhuset), Oslo
Dato: Fredag 4. oktober 2019
Tid fra: 18:30
Tid til: 20:30
Kategori: Forskjellig
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