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GlasMagasinet fredag 16. august 2019

Welcome to The Museum of Norwegian Occasions!

Experience unique Norwegian occasions, traditions and learn about how Norwegians celebrate extraordinary events – big or small. Check out what Norwegians do every Friday (Taco-fredag), what Easter-crime (Paog#778;skekrim) means, how they celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day (17. mai), and many other weird, fun and special Norwegian occasions.

The museum is situated in one of Norway’s oldest department stores, Glasmagasinet, in the heart of Oslo. It is a unique combination of an iconic department store, and an in-store museum. Glasmagasinet is the go-to -place for Scandinavian interior design, fashion, accessories, beauty, homeware, furniture, and handcrafts – suited for any occasion.
- And the best thing is that you can buy everything from the museum with tax free shopping!

The Museum of Norwegian Occasions viser frem norske anledninger til turister i Glasmagasinet. Delta på en guidet tur 16. august.

Guided Tour - Museum of Norwegian Occasions
Sted: GlasMagasinet
Adresse: Stortorvet
Dato: Fredag 16. august 2019
Tid fra: 14:00
Tid til: 15:00
Kategori: Museum
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