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SALT fredag 21. juni 2019

Bouncing Narratives is a performance and an art-installation of jumbled mess — a playful wash of images, sounds, and movements that elicits the fine line of pure joy and trauma narratives. It centres around traumas that cannot be expressed in words and bounces back again and again.
The installation consists of an 2.6m tall robust container with a trampoline as its roof. Spectators will be invited to witness the performers’ movements from underneath this transparent/bouncing surface, and from the outside - within the urban landscape.

The project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council, KORO(Kunst i Offentlig Rom) and Oslo Kommune.

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Sted: SALT
Adresse: Langkaia 1
Dato: Fredag 21. juni 2019
Tid fra: 17:00
Kategori: Scene
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Longitude: 10.746729 - Latitude: 59.907531

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