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SALT onsdag 7. august 2019

Oslo Short Film Festival is born from an appreciation of the peculiar position short-form storytelling occupies within the cinematic universe. These films are generally harder to access, and have difficulties reaching larger audiences, but their position outside of mainstream cinema and their abbreviated length allow the filmmakers more experimentation and artistic freedom.

Our festival provides not only a diverse cinematic experience for audiences and filmmakers alike, but also an opportunity to reflect on the future of our planet as well as our role within it. Our main goal is to increase the audience reach and engagement of select short-form fiction and nonfiction cinema that challenges and reflects on global scale problems.

In addition to the live screenings on August 6-7th 2019, we organise:
- QogAs with filmmakers
- Networking events
- A worldwide network of filmmakers and collaborators

We look forward to sharing a diverse selection of short films and documentaries from all around the world.

The event will take place August 6th-7th, from 21:00 - midnight, and will include QogAs, cozy networking and Audience Awards!

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Sted: SALT
Adresse: Langkaia 1
Dato: Onsdag 7. august 2019
Tid fra: 21:00
Kategori: Utstilling
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Longitude: 10.746729 - Latitude: 59.907531

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