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SALT fredag 23. august 2019

Having been to a number of conferences, we are tired of wonderful people gathering only to sit and listen to others talk. Therefore, every year we organize Earthpreneurs where we want to inspire people to take action for sustainability. The event breaks up the standard template for conferences. It involves different companies, organisations and startups creating activities that require participation and creation, not just receiving information.

You will participate in different activity rooms and see how our partners are addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a fun way. You will have a chance to meet the 27 participants of the YSI Innovation program, chosen amongst 12 500 applicants, that are working to achieve the SDGs. Witness them pitch their startups for the first time, give feedback and vote for your favorite.

Earthpreneurs 2019 - Supported by Storebrand
Sted: SALT
Adresse: 1 Langkaia, 0150 Oslo
Dato: Fredag 23. august 2019
Tid fra: 17:00
Tid til: 09:00
Kategori: Forskjellig
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