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Blank Space mandag 20. mai 2019

Have you taken a basic silkscreen class before, and are now curious about spreading your wings and flying? This class is all about getting mileage on projects that you direct - and asking for assistance from our passionate instructor about how best to proceed, trouble shooting, and overall direction / inspiration.

In this 6 week class, there will be little formal instruction - instead, we will create a jam group where demonstrations and class content is directed by you and what your project needs. Want to create an entire fashion line? Sure. Want to create a 18 layer full-color copy of an oil painting? Absolutely! Want to just keep on grooving with basic skills to get some real confidence for future projects? Also welcome!

Every basic material is included in this class, paper up to A3 and basic inks (black, white, red, blue, and yellow where you can customize your own colors), exposure unit, screens, UV reactive emulsion, tape / paper towels, and all cleaning chemicals. You are encouraged to experiment on fabric, with neon inks, with glitter, UV reactive inks, and so much more - but these additional "fun" materials are not included, but we will teach you how to use them for your project.

Class size is limited to 8 participants.

Cost: 3000NOK // 2500NOK Blank Space Members

Every Monday, from May 20 - June 24 2019, 18:00 - 21:00

All basic materials supplied

***Please note - this is NOT a basics class; We will NOT be going over basic instructions of how to print (such as how to expose, how to coat a screen, how to print) - we recommend coming to our 1-day "refresh" class in April if you need a reminder of the basics. This 1-day "refresh" class will NOT have enough information, however, if you have NO printing experience from before. Please email us if you have any questions about your level of printing experience :)

About the teacher:

Liz Ramsey (BFA Billedkunst / Grafikk, BFA Illustrasjon) invites anyone and everyone to come to Blank Space and learn more about this fascinating, and ancient, art form! She has been a staple of the silkscreen scene in Norway since moving here 6 years ago, and teaches around Norway at all levels, in addition to assisting with setting up studios in schools and for private use. With over 900 hours printing experience, she is a great resource for anyone looking to work with silkscreen printing in Norway.

Intermediate Silkscreen Class
Sted: Blank Space
Adresse: Storgata 32, 6. etg
Dato: Mandag 20. mai 2019
Tid fra: 18:00
Kategori: Forskjellig
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