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CYAN studio onsdag 13. februar 2019

This introductory course will cover several genres of the photographic language starting from the birth of the medium until today. An emphasis will be given in the rise of new documentary photography and visual storytelling.

Through visual and reading material starting from the beginning of the medium’s history to today’s contemporary photography as an art form, we will explore important movements and current notions in the visual arts. During the course, participants will progressively explore their own critical gaze and get motivated for experimenting with various genres of photography.

The course is suitable to everyone who uses photography as a medium to develop personal projects. It is addressed to all serious enthusiasts with a great desire to expand their personal vision and theoretical knowledge in the field of photography.

Creative Photo Practice and Portfolio Development.
Sted: CYAN studio
Adresse: Jens Bjelkes gate 13A, 0562 Oslo, Norway
Dato: Onsdag 13. februar 2019
Tid fra: 18:00
Tid til: 21:30
Kategori: Forskjellig
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