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Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter onsdag 27. mars 2019

We all have the same basic wish - to be happy and free from problems, and yet problems seem to appear effortlessly in our life whereas we need to work hard for our happiness. We can begin to reverse this situation simply by transforming our mind.

In this course, Vemund Skulberg will present instructions from the book How to Transform Your Life that are scientific methods to improve our human nature. By putting them into practice we will become a good-natured person with a good heart. This will enable us to solve our own problems as well as those of others. This is the greatest gift we can give to ourself and others.

How to Transform Your Life with Vemund Skulberg

In Norwegian

27. March - 22. May
Wednesdays | 17.00 - 17:45

Nordisk kadampa meditatasjonssenter
Majorstuveien 26, Oslo
+47 45 05 19 28

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Price: 90 kr for drop-in

The classes are suitable for complete beginners as well as those looking to deepen and strengthen their meditation practice. Each class includes a talk and one to two guided meditations. Each class is self-contained so you can drop in whenever you can or attend the whole series for optimal benefit.

How to Transform Your Life
Sted: Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter
Adresse: Majorstuveien 26
Dato: Onsdag 27. mars 2019
Tid fra: 17:00
Tid til: 18:00
Kategori: Forskjellig
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