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Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter fredag 14. juni 2019

We all want long-lasting and harmonious relationships but this is not always what we experience. The people we feel close to, that we love and who we want to be happy can be the same people that annoy and frustrate us the most. Why is this?

In this public talk, special visiting teacher Kadam Bridget Hayes, the UK National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition, will offer practical and effective methods to improve our relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and others. By learning to distinguish between love and uncontrolled desire we can build the foundation for long-lasting happy and fulfilling relationships.

Improving our Relationships with internationally renowned teacher Kadam Bridget Heyes

Friday 14th June | 18.00 - 19:30
Optional day course Saturday 15th June | 10:00 - 16:30

Nordisk kadampa meditatasjonssenter
Majorstuveien 26, Oslo
+47 45 05 19 28

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About the Teacher:
Kadam Bridget Heyes is a senior disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, who has been practicing for over 25 years. In 1994, she helped to found Nagarjuna Centre in England and has been teaching there ever since. In 2009, Kadam Bridget was also elected as the NKT-IKBU National Spiritual Director of the UK.

Kadam Bridget is known for her powerful teachings, compassionate heart, and deep understanding of Buddha’s wisdom advice. Her teachings are exceptionally clear and she presents profound ideas in a way that are easy to practice and integrate into daily life. Kadam Bridget shows an inspiring example for everyone on the spiritual path.

Improving our Relationships with Renowned Teacher
Sted: Nordisk Kadampa Meditasjonssenter
Adresse: Majorstuveien 26
Dato: Fredag 14. juni 2019
Tid fra: 18:00
Tid til: 19:30
Kategori: Forskjellig
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