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Røverstaden torsdag 24. mai 2018

Saving your business through saving the world

Join TEDxOslo on May 24th and explore the theme Social Entrepreneurship. Four different speakers will share four different views on how enterprises can be part of changing how we do business.

Sustainable businesses rely on well-functioning societies and a healthy planet. Imagine doing business without them? There is a broad consensus about this way of thinking. But for decades, other ways of thinking have been leading the way. We have seen how industries around the world polluted their surroundings and had a huge negative impact on both local and global climate, and how they exploited developing societies.

Thinking that private companies could be the ones to solve social benefits, was mistrusted. However, the last ten years we have seen a shift in mindset. Driven forward by entrepreneurs who care about the planet and the people around them, and at the same time want to create a sustainable business. With the belief that these, apparently different worlds of businesses and philanthropists, could be combined and united into something better, for them, for the shareholders and for the world. These people started a movement that big business and governments today are embracing and contributing to develop, called Social Entrepreneurship.


Caroline Dale Ditlev-Simonsen
Fredrik Gulowsen
Jakob Fagerland
Rick Wheatley

TEDxOsloSalon - SocEnt
Sted: Røverstaden
Adresse: Munkedamsveien 15, 0250 Oslo
Dato: Torsdag 24. mai 2018
Tid fra: 16:30
Kategori: Forskjellig
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