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Ølakademiet lørdag 28. juli 2018

Vikings; ale, mead or bjórr? – Beer tasting this summer! Taste a Norwegian selection of beer while learning about the Vikings relation to it.

Just like Norwegian youngsters of today, the vikings are thought to have resorted to strong beverage for courage. Today, mostly courage to approach the opposite sex – or same sex for that matter, while back in the viking age the courage to plunder. And approach the opposite sex – but in a slightly more brutal way than today.

The Beer Academy invites you to a 60 minutes long beer tasting session. Here, while tasting a selection of Norwegian beers of today, you learn about the Vikings’ relation to ale, mead, and intoxicants in general. We also give you a perspective of how significant alcohol consumption impacted our constitution of 1814, up to more recent beer history; like the story of the oldest still running brewery in Norway and the Norwegian craft beer revolution.

The beer tasting session is served with humor almost as dark as the cellar that houses it.

While you are here, don’t miss up on the opportunity to take a selfie with Brynjar.

Note: You are required to sign up through our website to attend this tasting.

Please sign up here:

Sted: Ølakademiet
Adresse: Thorvald Meyers gate 71 A (inngang Nordre gate), 0552 Oslo
Dato: Lørdag 28. juli 2018
Tid fra: 16:30
Kategori: Forskjellig
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Longitude: 10.758938 - Latitude: 59.921130

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